Tim Riffle Environments (TRE) was born from a passion to translate nature’s inherent beauty into transcendent experiences. A full-service, boutique-style agency, TRE is hinged on staying true to the innocence of the materials— striking balance between the raw and the luxurious. Chief ideals of TRE lie in the use of innovative flowers and plants to create bespoke environments of uncompromised texture and presence, as well as inventing authentic, intimate creations to exceed client expectations. 


Proudly headquarted in Nashville, TRE caters to residential, commercial, and special event clientele, endeavoring to satisfy each client’s needs with lasting impact and professionalism. Rooted in uniqueness and vision, TRE relishes the simplest of tasks while invigorated by those projects that push boundaries. With a strong sense of interior design and aesthetics, TRE becomes an integral part of crafting a space with sophistication and natural warmth.